An effective cream to support the skin at the natural repigmentation

Ondersteunt en versterkt de huid in vitiligo.
Maakt gebruik van de traditionele Chinese recepten en ayurvedische kennis van de gezondheid en het onderhoud. Vitilosan kan bijdragen aan de versterking van de pigmentatie en ondersteunen een natuurlijke repigmentation

A well and evenly pigmented skin looks fresh, healthy and young - this appearance can Vitilosan contribute.

In particular, persons with pigmentation disorders (e.g. caused by vitiligo), know to appreciate this cream. Many of them made the experience, that Vitilosan supported a process of natural repigmentation.

The ingredients

of Vitilosan are exclusively natural, from vegetable sources and well tolerated in the composition of this cream.

These are plant extracts, which are enshrined in China in a classic, traditional knowledge and that are applied in skin care especially in vitiligo.

In addition to these plant extracts Vitilosan consists of invaluable vegetable oils that have been passed in the Ayurvedic knowledge  from generation to generation in India to keep the skin healthy and to protect the skin against pigment loss (eg. in cause of vitiligo).

The application of Vitilosan is thin creaming the skin (2 or 3 times a day) in this parts of the skin, which already lost pigmentation and direct around this places.

But what are the ingredients, which can help so much in Vitiligo?

One of the pigmentation protective essence comes from the bark of Amur Corktree (Phellodendron amurense).

Another ingredient is from a Chinese plant called 'Ku-Shen', this plant is used for nearly 2000 years in China to support the skin in case of Vitiligo.

The root of the 'Chinese Pasque' is know to strengthen Skin, which lost pigmentation even for more the 2000 years in China.

What are the precious oils in Vitilosan, that support the skin in pigmentation?

A particularly skin pigmentation protective oil comes from the seed of the Malay Teafuit (Psoralea corylifolia or Bakuchi), which is extracted 'cold pressed'. The positive effects of this oil are known in Ayurveda, the original Indian name for this is 'Babchi'.

There are 2 other oils with have positive effect in helping and strengthening skin in order to support pigemtataion:

-->  The oil of the Black Caraway

-->  The oil of the Genuine Caraway

Ayurvedic knowledge shows that both oils have positive effects on the skin with pigmentation problems.

The safety of the cream is guaranteed by certified laboratories in Europe / the EU.

Incompatibilities of Vitilosan are unknown.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that there may be allergic reactions even with all natural plant constituents.

If you notice any incompatibilities, so stop using the cream.

When creaming mucous membranes must be kept clear.

The cream is not suitable for children under 12 years.

The cream should not be used during pregnancy or lactation.

You get the cream of us in a practical tube.

In the contents of a tube are 50ml cream.

The production in Europe/ EU ensures the freshness of cream and a permanent quality control.

The cream is also being investigated by certified laboratories in accordance with EU standards.